Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lionel Messi’s Girlfriend

The 22 years old Argentinian girl is an educated young lady, she studied nutrition is Argentina in Lionel’s home town “Rosario”, she moved to Barcelona to live with Messi, where she is continuing her education.
The youngsters met each other before Lionel became a living football legend, Antonella lived in Messi’s home town “Rosario” and they met after long years. Messi said about her ” I know Antonella since I was five, she was and still a good friend I trust her so much, our families know each other, and there’s a great chemistry between us.”

Lionel Messi Girlfriend
Lionel Messi Girlfriend

In December 2009, while Messi was in a visit to Argentine to attend a big family birthday, and cure an injury he suffered from, a relative for Messi new Antonella, and introduced her to Messi, Lionel remembered the old days and then the meeting turned into love.
Messi wanted to keep his relationship with Antonella a secret, but when he was at the a beach in South Barcelona called Sidgez, the beach was not important, and big stars weren’t expected to be there, so Messi found it a good spot to hang out but  the paparazzi were there by “Coincidence” and captured a few photos of the lovers, Messi wasn’t satisfied, and he said ” If I knew the Paparazzi were there, I wouldn’t have visited the beach.”
Messi had few problems with the Paparazzi, one of them was an incident after Argentina was eliminated from the world cup after a 4-0 loss against Germany. Messi went with his liver to a beach in Rio De Janero, where there was a reporter who came to take pictures, Messi told the reporter to stay away. The reporter got mad and that made him say ” Congratulation for winning the world cup, you deserved it.” Messi replied ironically “Thank you.”
Messi declared that there is future plans for marriage. and he said “Iam happy with my girl and relationship, and now she is Argentina.


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