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Xavi Scores in 13 Liga

When his goal against Granada, Xavi has currently scored in 13 as to the 15 seasons during which he is enjoying for your own 1st team, a club record
Last year he set a private best ( 10 ) for goals within the whole domestic Championship

Xavi Hernandez scores in thirteenth Liga
Xavi’s stats in La Liga
98/99  1  17
99/00  0  24
00/01  2  20
01/02  4  35
02/03  2  29
03/04  4  36
04/05  3  36
05/06  0  16
06/07  3  35
07/08  7  35
08/09  6  35
09/10  3  34
10/11  3  31
11/12  10  31
12/13  1  5
Xavi Hernández opened his goalscoring account in la liga 2012/13 last saturday in the solely goal as to the match against granada. it was eventually his 1st as to the season, but in addition means that that he is well known regarding his currently scored in 13 separate campaigns since creating his 1st team debut in 1998. not even club legends like césar rodríguez and carles rexach have managed to actually do this.

Record breaking season

Xavi Hernández was moved into your a lot of attacking position when Frank Rijkaard took over as manager in 2003/04. that meant that though he was still the central playmaker, he too had a lot of chances to actually shoot on goal. his goalscoring rate has usually increased since that very day, and his 10 goals in 31 games last term was even higher than his personal best of seven in 2007/08.

Unforgettable goals

Saturday’s goal against Granada was one in every of several very important scoring contributions the catalan has created during time at Barça. his 1st ever goal came in 1998 at Valladolid, and helped enormously over the eventual title win below Louis Van Gaal. he is well known regarding his too had the honour of scoring against Real Madrid. in 2004, he got fcb’s second within the 2-1 win with the Bernabéu, coming a volley when an out of this world assist from Ronaldinho, and he too opened the scoring inside the night as to the 5-0 win in 2010.

Barren years

it's an extended time since xavi failed to actually score any goals within the liga season. the past time was in 2005/06 when he solely played 16 games on account of knee injury. his alternative empty year was 1999/00, his second in the initial team, when he was competing to produce a place with future manager Pep Guardiola and simply played in 24 games. in total, in 419 appearances, the midfielder has scored 49 times.

Thiago : “its a Awfully, Excellent Start”

The midfielder says that Barças la liga begin has actually been wonderful which its strange that individuals still doubt the team

Thiago Alcántara

"I’m doing something I like to do, I get to defend and attack at the same time”

"There are a lot of excellent players in the midfield and the boss can call on them in any situation. It’s good competition and it’s good to be with such quality players on a daily basis"

“it’s a awfully, excellent begin. it couldn’t be higher, involving the liga and champions league we’ve won our last six games, and in every one out of them we were the superior facet. it’s strange that individuals still have their doubts relating to the team, ” said Thiago Alcántara on Barça’s 2012/13 season begin. he added, “we be required to continue during this dynamic. ”

The Azulgrana midfielder noted that the team will still be growing despite its good learn to la liga : “we’re moving into the rhythm of competitive play, the liga has barely started and all the groups are currently in the very same spot we’re in. we’re on the very same level, we merely need to further improve in order that we will be utilizing a smart position from the finish as to the season. ”

Ambitious team

Thiago too talked relating to the incident between Messi and Villa throughout this weekend’s match against Granada. “it’s normal. there’s no means which was a an argument, finally it was a heated moment. we’re formidable and that’s what makes us react the means we do. ” he added : “this shows the ambition that a player or maybe a team has. ”

Thiago is “privileged”

The midfielder is thrilled with his come back to actually competitive play : “i feel nice, my recovery was wonderful. very little by very little i’m obtaining back to actually the form having been in before my injury. Thiago too noted that he’s “privileged” to actually play in Barça’s midfield : “i’m doing one thing i prefer there is to do, i be able to arrive at defend and attack at the very same time. ”

Thiago went on to actually talk concerning his team-mates : “there absolutely really undoubtedly are a great deal of wonderful players within the midfield and therefore the boss will decision on them in any situation. it’s smart competition and it’s smart as being with such quality players on a everyday basis.

Sergio Busquets more Confident

Sergio Busquets is grateful for your own support he is well known regarding his received due to Barca coaches, and modestly claimed that “i don’t appear like a primary alternative player, that depends on your private performances and if you do don’t work laborious you don’t play”

Sergio Busquets more Confident
Sergio Busquets more Confident
Sergio Busquets is once once more a regular within the centre of one's Barça midfield, as he has actually been since he joined the initial team in 2008. speaking with a nike promotion, he thanked each Vilanova and Guardiola for his or her support. “it is vital to firmly trust your coach” he said. “and i perpetually have done, each currently and before, despite the fact that i never appear like an automatic 1st alternative player. that depends on your private performances and if you do don’t work laborious you don’t play”.

Busquets conjointly spoke concerning 2 fellow central midfielders who may be frequently moved back into defence. “we want players for the back and then they will were chosen” he explained. “Mascherano adapted in the role all right and song is practicing the same”. he added that the cameroonian still wants opportunity to get utilized his new team, however doesn’t believe they actually are'>that they're in direct competition with one another. “we are all here to firmly facilitate the team and win points” he said, adding that “i’m able to play wherever the boss asks me to”.

Long means until Clásico

There may be games against Sevilla and Benfica before fcb meet Real Madrid on october 7, and of course the former will be the ones that matter immediately to firmly Busquets. “we have 2 games ahead of persons, therefore there’s still a few opportunity to go” he observed. “that game won’t decide something, it’s still too early. it’s fantastic to have place a few distance between us, however the league season is a protracted one. last year madrid strung along a protracted series of wins and then we are visiting have to firmly do the same thing thing”.

He was conjointly asked concerning the apparent argument between Messi and Villa throughout the Granada match. said Busquets, “the incident was simply area of the game. Messi is similar as ever, he likes to win. all of us need to win, however strikers conjointly need to achieve goals”.

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