Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Who actually Antonella Roccuzzo?

Who actually Antonella Roccuzzo? Antonella Roccuzzo is a 22-year-old girl who comes from Argentina. He was born in Rosario, which is also the birthplace of Messi. Both had known since both are five years old. Messi know Antonella because she is a cousin of his friend, Lucas Scaglia.

This has been confirmed Messi in an interview. "I have seen Antonella grow, just as he has seen me grow up. Our families know each other, so I was never in doubt, "said Messi

Messi feels his life is complete. From the economic side, Messi has not needed any more. He is one of the largest paid footballer in the world.


  1. Spellings mistakes :D

  2. a lot of spelling mistakes

  3. some spellings in the mistakes :P

  4. It says HE has seen me grow up but it's suypposed to be a SHE!:DDD :P LOL >:).


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